Seedballs – Adamji Partnership

//Seedballs – Adamji Partnership

Seedballs – Adamji Partnership

Seedballs Kenya is a joint collaboration between Chardust Ltd and Cookswell Jikos.

Together they have researched and developed Seedballs. Chardust is involved with manufacture and Cookswell Jikos is involved with sales, marketing and distribution. In partnership with Adamji Multi Supplies Limited, we have managed to distribute over 1,000 Kgs of seedballs. Most were distributed during the Callebaut Chocolate demonstration at The Capital Club on 21st November 2018.

Benefits of Seedballs and Seeds.

100% Natural and 100% GMO free!: The tree seeds we use are all sourced from the Kenya Forestry Seed Center who has a stock of seed of about 220 tree species collected from more than 600 localities (provenances) around Kenya. We use this provenance data to guide us in our seed distribution efforts.

Natural organic seed coating: We use salvaged charcoal dust from urban charcoal vending site in Nairobi- makes these seeds safe enough to even eat!

Recycled packaging: We support local small businesses! We source all of our paper bags & packaging materials locally and our printing is done by a small start up company in Nairobi.

Low carbon manufacturing: Our manufacturing process is fossil fuel free!

Eco-friendly marketing: We focus on online marketing to reduce use of paper flyers etc.